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What We Are About

We are an amazing group of people that are determined and dedicated to making this world a safer place.  To prevent dangerous situations.  To prepare those that may find themselves in dangerous situations and to encourage every individual that we come in contact with to continue this work to build confidence in those that live in fear.  To bring security, reassurance and peace of mind to all of us that worry about our loved ones when we are not there to protect them, and to strive to continue this quest as we  share our knowledge and beliefs by contributing to making this world a safer place. 

Deirdra Harmon

what makes

this company


  • We sell non-lethal safety products.

  • We sell products that inform and educate children how to protect themselves from harm.

  • We promote empowerment by educating all those we meet and encourage them to join our team as we spread this mission.

  • We provide opportunities for financial security with the flexibility to make your own schedule as you like and/or need.  


Damsel 360

Damsel 360

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Continuing the Damsel in Defense Mission to equip, empower and

educate women to protect themselves and their families.


...and more!

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